Our Story

From humble beginnings of brewing in caves, old sheds, under hedges or between herds of cows and sheep to avoid the unwelcome gaze of the local constabulary, Mountain Man now brews beer on the move using bigger pots over much larger fires and bin bags full of hops, in various undisclosed locations around the country, ready to move operations at the slightest sound of a siren or hint of a flashing blue light.  

Founded in late 2012 by Phil and Sue Cullen, Mountain Man Brewing was West Cork’s first entry to the Irish craft beer scene.  Phil’s first introduction to full flavoured beers was during a visit to a Belfast beer festival in 1995.  Phil subsequently learned to brew from a master brewer while living in Canada in the late 1990’s and continued to fine tune his brewing skills over the following years, obtaining a General Certificate in Brewing.  It was over this time that Phil developed the recipes for the beers you enjoy today as Green Bullet Pale Ale, Hairy Goat IPA, Sneaky Owl Dark Ale and Banjo’d Appalachian IPA.  

At Mountain Man, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we want people to experience something more than just a beer, therefore we offer our bottled beers with the benefit of a quirky label that’s got as much unrestrained madness and laughs as we can fit on every label.  The madness you read on each bottle is straight from the minds of both Phil and Sue, with Phil’s more outlandish ideas curtailed for meet the brewer events.

We currently brew our beers at Brú Brewery.

Mountain Man’s beers are available in bottles in off-licences, pubs, restaurants and select supermarkets nationwide.