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That’s a fine beard m’lady

Back in 2014, a casual tweet to the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society looking for our first lady to join our “That Beard is Mighty Club” spurred a little idea that we call Queen of Beards.   Well it’s that time of year again as Queen of Beards is back at the 2016 Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival and this year we want you to pull out all the stops.





Queen of Beards Crown 2014

We know that it takes time and effort to grow a quality beard so the Queen of Beards needs a similar effort.

So what kind of effort will we be looking for?  Well, it will have to be more than a simple paper or felt cut out (stubble). We don’t accept stubble from the men and we won’t be accepting it from the women either!

Dara O'Brien

Dara O’Brien’s Knitted Beard


Here are a few suggestions to get you started…




Are there any women here today?

You can fashion your beard out of any material but the more creative the beard, the better your chances of being crowned this year’s Queen of Beards.   All Queen contenders will be posted on twitter & Facebook and whoever gets the most votes is crowned Queen of Beards.





Cronins Apr 15

Best Redhead Beard

While we’ll be on the look out for new That Beard is Mighty Club members all weekend, to qualify for the Queen of Beards you have to put the effort in, so get working on that mighty beard……


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Queen of Beards 2014 & 2015