A casual tweet to the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society that we were on the look for our first lady to join the That Beard is Mighty Club spurred a little idea that I’m calling Queen of Beards. So this September at the Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival we’ll be on the hunt for our first Mountain Woman to join our That Beard is Mighty Club.

Being a beer lovin’ lady myself, it’s never been my intention for beard club to be just for the Mountain Men but also for the Mountain Women who love our beer. I also recognise that it takes some time and effort to grow a quality beard so admitting ladies to the Club would need a similar effort.

Are there any women here today?


So what kind of effort will we be looking for? Well it will have to be more than a simple paper or felt cut out (stubble). We don’t accept stubble from the men and we won’t be accepting it from the women either!

Here are a few suggestions to get you started…



You can fashion your beard out of any material but the more creative the beard, the better your chances of being crowned this year’s Queen of Beards. On Saturday night to coordinate with the Dublin Ladies Craft Beer Society’s gathering at the Festival we’ll be selecting a Queen of Beards.

While we’ll be on the look out for new That Beard is Mighty Club members all weekend, to qualify for the Queen of Beards you have to be at the festival on Saturday evening.