Made You Look!!!!

Won’t Somebody Please Save This Kitten!!!!

Following our post on the background to our logo design, I sat down to put together the details of how each of our beer names & award winning label designs came about.  This will give you a better idea of how many variations of the label we went through before we settled on the one you’re looking at today.  You’ll also get to see what the previous versions looked like and maybe there was a good idea that got away.  You might even get to see some really stupid stuff and you’ll think “what were they thinking” and are glad we didn’t use.

You can also breath a sigh of relief as the little kitten was never in danger and was shamelessly used by our mega corporation head office as a marketing tactic to make you read this.  Shame on them.  It’s a defenseless little kitten.  Have you no morals you black-hearted shower of……

The following portion of text has been removed by head office marketing department due to it’s slanderous but often quite humorous belittlement of our marketing staff members, some of whom have suffered very hurtful abuse over their unorthodox, but ahead of their time, fashion sense and hair style for years and you damn well know that!

I considered leading you to believe that the name Green Bullet came from a special type of green tipped munition made by a group of fairies down by an old Holly bush, but I couldn’t do that.  It wouldn’t be right.  The real background to the name is a lot less glamorous.  Green Bullet Pale Ale is a single hopped beer and the name comes from the type of hops used in the brewing of the beer; Green Bullet hops from New Zealand.  I know, you’re all disappointed now as it’s not as exciting as you might have expected.  I bet you were probably thinking it involved a hunting trip as well.  Only messing, Green Bullet was really made by fairies all along.  Honestly.

Go Ahead Punk. Make My Tae.

Go Ahead Punk. Make My Tae.

This was one of the first images for the Green Bullet name.  The 1970’s style police target was a good idea based on our original (pre Mountain Man) labels for home consumption, but it just didn’t meet the stringent standards of our Mountain Man review panel and therefore never made it past this early stage.  We thought it might encourage a revival of the lost art of shooting at beer bottles perched on a neighbour’s fence, and we just couldn’t have that.  You can rest easy that at Mountain Man HQ, empty beer bottles are always brought to the bottle bank and recycled.


CSI Renanirree. Can a bullet really do this?

So, after the first round of label designs was rejected and set aside, Mr. Badger came up with another idea of using the word Bullet as the image.  It was real William Tell kind of stuff and it took Mr. Badger and I hours of shooting high velocity bullets through the word Bullet carved out of apples, to get the perfect high speed photo so he could sketch the above image.  His studio was a blueish haze of gunpowder smoke and the floor was littered with Bullet letters all ripped in half.  Anyway, the image got a thumbs up from the review panel and resulted in another round of bottles on the neighbour’s fence, sorry, I mean another trip to the bottle bank.

Artist Sketch of Green Bullet Monster

Artist Sketches of Green Bullet Monster

On the full label design we wanted to show the creature from the story on the side of the bottle, so we talked to some locals and they showed us a number of police artist sketches of the legendary monster which were based on eyewitness accounts of the legendary beast.

We’ve since learned that this particular artist has been transferred to a different department, had his pencil case removed and no longer carries out sketches or anything involving artistic talent for that matter.

Anyway, our version of the monster didn’t seem to fit very well on the label and he looked like he was a bit lost.  We also weren’t too sure at that point if we wanted to show the actual creature or let the drinkers imagination run wild instead.

First Green Bullet Label Design

First Green Bullet Label Design


Another problem was the claws crowding the Green Bullet name and needed to be moved up a bit.  Mr. Badger also wasn’t happy with his first version of the claws and wanted to do some more work on them to make them look more (I’ll use the technical term) “clawey”.

Although every good Mountain Man needs his own monogram, we decided to remove the Mountain Man Brewing monogram from the side of the bottle and tuck it away to use some day in the future.


We then decided to take the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” sketches and try a B movie version of the label to see if that might work, but it looked way too much like a beer made by Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.

Creature from the Black Swamp Beer

Creature from the Black Swamp Label


The Mountain Man review panel thought the “Trash Heap” image had a very high risk of landing us with either some legal issues or a surprise attack by an army of angry hammer and screwdriver wielding Doozers.

Either way, we were advised that we shouldn’t take any chances, particularly when Doozers were involved, so the label was scrapped.  We now advise all staff to keep an eye out for edible scaffolding as a precautionary measure.


So there you have it, the basis of the label was created and just needed some minor edits to bring it to the label you see today.

Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for the making of the Hairy Goat label.