The clock is ticking away and it won’t be long until a big bearded fella lands into your house uninvited, drinks your beer and eats all your damn biscuits.  Don’t get caught out again this year!  Be prepared by waiting up all night and confronting that red suit wearing out of town’er with a shirt that boasts “Your beard may be white, but mines so big, it’s got writing shaved into it”.

If you missed your chance to pick up one of these life changing Tees at one of this years beer festivals, don’t worry, your hours of sobbing in the car on the way home were not in vain.  They’re back, and this time they’re on-line (well kind of), it’s not ebay, but what did you expect from a cabin in the mountains.

These T-Shirts are printed by based in Galway and are water based discharge prints on Gildan shirts so there’s no print feeling after a wash.  A heavy rubber door mat of a print on your chest might work wonders if catching arrows with your stomach is your idea of a fun night out, but not so good when you’re busy dancing Kerry Shtyle at the local disco.  You need something that’s light, flexible and doesn’t crack under the pressure of your jaw-dropping moves and shapes.

So if you’ve got that special someone you know would love a Mountain Man T-Shirt this Christmas, now is the perfect time to order!

We’ve got two T-Shirts types to choose from, Green Bullet or Hairy Goat in a variety of sizes ranging from S to XXL.

Green Bullet tees are Military Green in colour with the Mountain Man logo on the front and Green Bullet logo on the back.

Hairy Goat tees are Chestnut Brown in colour with the Mountain Man logo on the front and Hairy Goat logo on the back.

Here’s some photos to give you an idea of how unbelievably cool you or a loved one will look while wearing one of these shirts.  We’ve hidden some identities to protect the innocent parties involved.

Photo 1 – Leaning against the Cabin

Green Bullet Front

Green Bullet – Up Front & Personal

Photo 2 – Settling an argument

GB Back

Cutting Straight to the Back of Green Bullet

Photo 3 – Watching some sheep eat grass

Hairy Goat Taken From Behind

Photo 4 – Getting ready for a night out at the disco

HG front - sheep edited

Hairy Goat – Full Frontal

T-shirts are priced at €25 each plus postage and payment can be made via PayPal.  You can order by emailing your preferred shirt type and size to

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Last orders for Christmas Delivery must be received by midnight December 19th, 2013.