Have ya ever wonder where the Mountain Man image came from?  An old photo of Ned Kelly perhaps?  Maybe one of the lads from ZZ Top or that weird fella in the pub that of smells of liquorice and WD-40?

The Original Mountain Man

Would You Argue With This Lad?

Well he’s none of them, but he’s not made up either.  The Mountain Man logo is based my great great grandfather.  Now we thought of various names like, The West Cork Brewing Co., The Rebel Brewing Co. or The Rebel County Brewing Co., but none of them seemed to fit.  I’d heard the closer to sea level locals in the pub refer to us lads from the upper regions where the air is thinner as “the Mountain Men are in tonight”, and therefore Sue considered the name Mountain Man Brewing Co. to be the only true fit.  She was right.

Now most companies would never dream of showing you how they developed their ideas.  But as luck would have it, we’re not most companies.  Generally, people never get to see how a logo develops from an initial idea into the final version.  Well today’s the day your boss is going to have to wait a bit longer for that overdue report because we want to give you a peek behind the scenes at Mountain Man Brewing.

A number of years ago, my brother Anthony created this sketch of our great great grandfather as part of a series of t-shirt prints and we used it to develop the Mountain Man logo.


MMB Take 1

Initial Mountain Man Logo Design

Now my brother is a much better artist than I am and anything I would have drawn would have made Mountain Man look like something that even Picasso would have called weird.  But we still wanted to create an image based on the “Sandwach” sketch and this is where Mr. Badger stepped in.  From the sketch we created the initial version of the logo design.  By WE I mean the Royal We of Mr. Badger slaving over his artwork and myself and Sue looking at his pretty pictures and say things like “oooooh, I like this” or “hmmmm not sure about that”.  Mr. Badger’s initial sketch wasn’t far off what eventually became our logo, but it was a bit bare and needed something in the background.  We considered everything from log cabins to chopped wood.  A few ideas like a flowery meadow and a bundle of cute fluffy kittens were proposed but were quickly rejected because flowers would clash with his eyes and Mountain Man is allergic to cats.  Eventually we agreed that you can take the man from the mountains but you can’t take the mountains from the man.

We also needed to change the scibbley text at the bottom but fights broke out over where the words “Mountain Man” and “Brewing Company” would go and as all the text was hand drawn, we couldn’t let weeks of painstaking calligraphy by Mr. Badger’s secret order of left handed hermit monks go to waste.


mm_logo progression

The Mountains come to the Man

After trekking up and down various mountain ranges around Ireland, we found the perfect mountains to have in the background.  I can’t remember which mountain range it is because when I was told I was tired from a day of hiking and was focused more on when I’d get to sit down and have a cup of tea.

With the mountains sorted, we bribed Mr. Badger’s hermit monks with a radio and a packet of out of date Opel Fruits, to shift the Mountain Man text and hey presto, we had a logo.  Here’s the progression of the logo design.  We needed to do some more work on the Scooby Doo style text so we needed another go at that.  Mr. Badger came up with the idea of presenting measurements in cups.



With the Scooby Snacks text sorted, next came a bit of beard trimming.  Mountain Man’s mother would have been mortified if we’d let him out in public looking like he did.  He looked like a bush had been dragged through him backwards, so we tidied up his beard so he could pass as someone suitable to court your daughter (well maybe not).  It also made the text in his beard a lot easier to read.  We eventually settled on what you are all now familiar with, the Mountain Man Logo.

MMB Logo V2

Final Mountain Man Logo Design


After all our hard work was done and we were happy with life, one day we discovered that someone in the US had nicked our logo, set up a Facebook page with it and even went so far as getting T-shirts with our logo printed on them.  WE didn’t even have t-shirts printed by then!  After facing the wrath of Mr. Badger, the page and pictures have been removed but if you see a nasty looking yellow t-shirt sporting a Mountain Man “Light” logo… let us know.