Our Beers

99% of people drink mainstream beers. Join the 1% today and Colour Outside the Lines. Green Bullet, Hairy Goat, Sneaky Owl & Banjo’d now available nationwide.

Green Bullet Hairy Goat Sneaky Owl Basterds
Our Story

Founded in late 2012 by Sligo native Phil Cullen, Mountain Man Brewing Ltd. is West Cork’s first entry to the Irish craft beer industry. Mountain Man brews great tasting craft beer using the finest quality malt and hops for people who colour outside the lines. At Mountain Man, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and we want people to experience something more than just a beer and to enjoy themselves in the process.

Using the power of our website and other social media outlets, Mountain Man aims to use a Commodore 64 and a second hand Atari joystick to bring an unorthodox approach to craft beer the like of which has never been seen before in Ireland.


Our Story